I love your funny face

Just done watching Funny Face, and for the umpteenth time I'm going all gaga over Jo Stockton now.

I've watched My Fair Lady and Breakfast at Tiffany's, but this one is definitely different from those two. In a good way.

If you're going to watch this movie, do bear in mind NOT to take everything seriously - this film has fab dresses and fashion mag editor's minions and singing in a bookshop and tap dancing and balloons!

And, most of all - it's. Got. Paris.

Oh what the heck. I've screenshot-ed some of the brilliant shots of this film just so you can see what I'm on about, and that I'm not a crazy deluded girl.

 Jo Stockton, the philosopher working at a bookshop played by Audrey Hepburn turned into a model.

 She was brought to Paris for a magazine's photoshoot and fell in love.
(For God's sake it's Paris, WHO WOULDN'T?)

 At Opera National de Paris.

 At one of the many rivers at the heart of the city.

 Such a tiny waist. Probably my most favorite shot?

 Inside Louvre. The most gorgeous dress.

 That veil, makeup and wedding dress.

This is the last scene where Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire were dancing and singing at a garden near a church outside Paris; they have flowers and a small river with a deck and swans swimming around. Crazy or what? I have dreams about the scene already.

The only thing is - all the while watching the movie, I kept thinking "crap this guy is double her age". Because seriously, everyone can see that! Makes me so uncomfortable watching the kiss scene -___-"

But moving past that, everything else is just so sweet. The song "I Love Your Funny Face" is my favorite among all, and I still can't believe the title "Funny Face" is actually to imply Audrey Hepburn's face is NOT pretty but funny instead. The director or writer was obviously blind.

Watch if you're a fan of everything pretty and sweet and light.

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