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the BeingME conference.

So yesterday I attended the BeingME conference held at PICC, Putrajaya.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous prior to the event - I guess you've known I've made a commitment to myself to really reflect this year and make something different - so for me, this is like among the first steps into that direction.

I'm also ashamed to say I've never attended any Islamic talk ever since I came back to Malaysia for good (I knoww), so I was worried that this event won't be at par in terms of my past experience. I guess I just really didn't want to be disappointed; I've attended some usrah held at Hiroshima before so I've had some gist in knowing what to expect out of these ceramah.

But I can safely say that this is the most brilliant decision I've ever made this year.

Alhamdulillah, it was so great and moving. I've always had this skeptical opinion about these occasions - where sometimes the presenter isn't really concern about your feeling or your doubts in general, but rather being extremist which can come across as judge-y - but this event, MasyaAllah. The speakers were all so professional and amazing, from Malaysia's own Prof Dr Muhaya to international known Alaa Elsayed; they all have great experiences to share to women in general.

I now know why people raved so much about last year's conference. 

I can't speak for other people, but as an 'amateur' I really feel this event delivers. Sometimes you feel like there's a big hole needed to be filled deep inside but you just didn't know how - and hearing these talks really helps me at least ease my fear, if not fill it completely. I know I have a long journey to take, and it is certainly not easy what more in the society where people tend to judge you, but it is still your own journey and the most important thing is you know you're doing something to please your Creator. 

And it's all that counts!

Went to the event with a colleague who was so sweet to get me an early bird ticket. Heck, if I knew it would turn out to be so good, I'd have paid full price without regretting it.

Some notes I took during the talks (forgot to bring my notebook -____-")

 Yep, I had to highlight the brand conscious one. Where it really hits home pffft.

So many things I can relate to - always stressed out, how to tackle your anger, how to handle others' opinion about yourself. I kept tapping on my phone so fast to make sure I didn't miss anything and the girl sitting next to me kept turning, probably thinking "why is she texting when she's supposed to be listening?!" lol.

But I have nothing else to say except I'm really thankful I was given a chance to spend my Saturday at this event and everything that comes from it. And you know what's amazing? The main hall at PICC where this conference took place apparently has very veryy limited 3G coverage (for Maxis users) and I basically didn't get to check my emails/FB/Instagram/Twitter at all so I was cranky at first, asking God why at the first 15 minutes, already thinking if I should've brought my laptop along.

But since I have no access to internet, later I found myself listening to the talks way seriously and effectively (look at the notes lah haha). I literally didn't have any contact with internet at all throughout the day until the night and it surprisingly felt so good!

(Not sure if I want to do that again for other occasions, though.)

I may still make mistakes after this, everyone sins afterall - but somehow now I sort of know my direction and I know I will be working towards it with all my might, insyaAllah. Baby steps.

(Read here if you want to know more about the event - let's make it one of the many events to look forward to next year insyaAllah!)


  1. oh my

    serius muka akak macam

    cute sangat! :D

    1. Oh dear..looked through the photos, I think the only resemblance is our cheeks! Hahahahh. Anyhow, that's so sweet of you MasyaAllahh thank you :)

  2. you look glowing MA =))

    1. It's the iPhone's front camera hahaa. Thank youu :)


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