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Started working has really changed most of my perspectives about life.

What more in a corporate world; where most people aren't what they seem to be on the outside. You can't trust literally anything - so if you've found yourself a good circle where your colleagues are cool enough for you to convert the relationship into "friends" - you can happily count yourself as lucky.

For me, I am lucky enough to have dependable colleagues.

But that's how it is - you'd always have those few moments when something would trigger your alarm and your brick wall is suddenly back on.

For me, it's how my lifestyle is the constant issue - somehow, if it's not my eating habit and weight, it's my non-existent "gym life". Or my shopping habit. Or more recent, and more ridiculous, my anti-social lifestyle.

If I'd have given it much thought, I swear my working life would be sorely affected. But thing is, I just don't believe in changing people according to a certain mindset because every human being is different.

I've lived 26 years of life, so that is one of the reasons why I couldn't be bothered about the ridiculous accusations - how do you know a person is what she seem to be on the outside? How do you know that she's just isn't acting dumb on the outside, just to humor you? Just to see how far you'd go in judging a person? How do you know that when she is uptight and focus during office hours, but when the clock strikes 5 she's off to spend quality time with her other friends having the time of her life?

That's right, you don't.

One of the tips given to me to survive the corporate world - choose happiness over status. It's a given that some people would always put you down, but you can choose either to let it affect you or to just continue what you're doing. Your performance is driven by your willing to work - and to work effectively, do what makes you happy.

Try not to take things personal; and for me, I'd rather just shut up and do what I'm happy doing.

But just for the sake of it, I think these are among the common issues :

1) "You're skinny but you're not fit because you don't exercise - you're not healthy"
2) "You should pay more attention to politics"
3) "You don't socialize enough"

Do you have these comments thrown at you at certain point of life? How do you deal with it? Do share!


  1. petronas is full of snobs..don't listen to them.

    - you-know-me

  2. I have some people at my office in ****, exactly this type, those who like to critique others to make themselves look "visible". So, i totally get your point. Just don't let them win! Keep calm and carry on!

    1. I'd say let go of the negativity, surround yourself with positive people, keep calm and rock on!

  3. Hi there,

    I always got the number 1 question throw-ed to me. I just tell them off 'Why?? U jeles ke i selim melim mcm Slim River Anyway how do u know that i don't exercise???'


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