steak for dinner.

When you decided to join the crowd i.e. colleagues for a round of property hunting and steakhouse dinner, you know your body tells you to slow down and take a breather.

I'm not usually up for any outings at night especially during weekdays partly because I'd be crazy exhausted and half asleep by 9 (which you'd probably have known by now), but the other day colleagues asked me to accompany them to go look at a potential new house and I just could't say no. Thought a bit of an air at night once a week might do some good!

Went to look at a condo near our office (about 20 - 30 minutes by car with traffic jam) and my colleague immediately set her heart on it. The place is undeniably beautiful! A pool, gym, hugeass car park (yes, IT IS important) and some trees by the pool - reminded me of some resort I've been to.

The view wasn't so bad either.

The lower floor even got a mini garden at the balcony facing the swimming pool. If only the location is different, I'd have MY heart set on it.

Later that evening, we decided to try the Laman Grill. Words are the steakhouse is owned by a Masterchef judge!

What I ordered. Sirloin steak.

Chicken dish I forgot the name. Colleague's.

I'm not a fan of lamb, so decided to try their sirloin beef. Colleague advised me to get it medium cooked  instead of well done, but considering how much I'd hate it if I saw any part of it still red/raw, decided to get it well done. Thank God it turned out delicious - soft, tender and not 'gummy' at all. 

And the sauce. Crazy good. I don't like black pepper so naturally I'd opt mushroom, and they have quite a number of sauce selection!

If the steaks are not good enough for you, you'd like the cozy atmosphere in the restaurant. Kitchen is proudly open-aired to the customers so you can practically see what they're hustling about in the kitchen (we suspected that they're just showing off) and there's even good music playing in the background.

Would totally come again to take him there the next time he's back in Malaysia. One potential dating place found!

Address : Laman Grill, downtown Seksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi

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