MPH book sale.

Had a movie date yesterday with colleague (GIRL colleague, oh the joy of being temporarily single lol) and MPH just happened to have their book sale up to 50% off!

My book craze antenna was up instantly; and we put off shopping just to browse through the books.

(Mind you, I still have a couple of books from the Big Bad Wolf last year unread.)

1) JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy
2) Sophie Kinsella's Wedding Night

It's been so long since I last bought a chick lit, and Wedding Night is Sophie's latest book so my inner blonde just won't shut up about getting it. Finished reading it this morning (spent my Saturday at home reading this book while Norah Jones' album playing in the background - my ideal weekend) and now it's safely tucked in the cabinet. Not bad for Sophie Kinsella's standard; though I think she's switched her writing style a bit for this book - a bit more matured perhaps? Or maybe it's just me.

But hilarious nonetheless. Would highly recommend but maybe you should just wait till the paperback version comes out. (Let me know if you want to borrow mine; I feel bad leaving it in the cabinet despite just getting it yesterday)

Now onto the second book, and I must say The Casual Vacancy seems different from her previous famous HP series. JK Rowling won't disappoint, would she?

So if you're keen on new books, head to Alamanda's MPH for their book sale :) Will last till 9th June.

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