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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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their new home!

After months, I finally got a chance to give a proper home to my stuff.

And when I say stuff, I mean my books and bags.

I realized once I moved in the apartment renting with the girls, it would certainly not be economical to spend lavishly on furnitures because one, I'm definitely staying for a short while before I get my own house and two, more furnitures means more things (i.e. burden) to bring when I'm moving out. So I tried to stay away from unnecessary furnitures (darn those bean bags, making me lust for them -___-") and stick to just a bed, closet, table and some drawers for makeups.

So for books, I just arranged them on the (clean) floor nicely beside my bed.

But, oh man..seeing my bags dumped together with my other clothes in the rack makes me sad. I tried putting them in the baggage bag but that means leaving them in the store room all by themselves; and that doesn't make me happy. Yeah, girls are psychotic like that.

So today somehow I finally got the courage to get a home for them. But mostly because he promised me he will help me move out by bringing those stuff and furnitures (I think plus some men he'll beg to help him).

So happy now that my books and bags are in their proper new home! (Though you can't see the books, but I swear they're in there at the other side of the cabinet)

And a home to the "other" accessories too.

Such a wonderful feeling to see things are not so scattered around anymore. Nevermind, I'll just ask my tough guy to help me move these stuff later when I'm finally moving out.

He's offered anyway.


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