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he's my hero.

Finally managed to finish reading this book I bought months ago.

The first book that cost me 8 bucks!

Granted, I'm not into football as much as other girls who have massive collection of Manchester United - but I'm pretty much exposed to it once I started getting into a relationship with a massive fan ManU-cannot-lose-I'd-cry kind of guy. (just kidding, he won't and he'd never cry.)

But David Beckham will always hold a special place in our hearts, right girls?

Reading this book; heck even buying it is not a clever way to spend your bucks cause I've already read Victoria Beckham's Learning To Fly some years ago (boy, was it so long ago?!) and basically there's nothing new in this book that I haven't heard/read. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is getting to know how his life was before he gets into football, but he starts training as a professional when he was as young as 10 years old, so there's not much before that except his dad trained him and wanted him to become who he is now.

Reminded me so much of the boyfriend who never fails to tell me and fill me in with everything football - up to the point that I think he's the walking Manchester United dictionary. He's the kind of guy who'd lose sleep over football match even if it means he'd be super sleepy at work, the kind of guy who reads everything football - on the internet, books, e-books - everything, the kind of guy who'd be the first to buy tickets to a football match if any is near to his place, the kind of guy who never fail to buy his gf some Manchester United stuff when he notices something he likes. When I showed him this book, he went "mehhh the book can tell you nothing" so yeah, can't argue with that -____-"

If people are allowed to have heroes, I'd say David Beckham is a fine role model but my true hero would always be him. I will never understand his obsession with Manchester United and football; his jersey collection says it all but it's a part of him that makes me respect the depth of his knowledge and passion. Even if he's not impressed at all with me finishing this book, pfftt.

But it's David Beckham! My 8 bucks well spent.


  1. hmm smells like someone wants a bigger ring..


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