Anya's private sale

One of the perks having to go to KL for meetings are, you have easy access to all things in your must-have list.

For instance, I've been paying Anya Hindmarch too many visits now the salesgirls even recognize my voice.

"Oh, your voice is getting better than the last time you were here. Sore throat went away already?"

I mean really.

So I was invited to their private sale in KLCC last weekend, which they'd usually have whenever they're about to launch the new collection or when the new season is kicking in. And the best thing about a private sale - you get to have the bags at much cheaper price! 

Get to bring plus 1 so I dragged Jua and Fiqah there. Things you'd do for sale..

Kudos to the AH' staff for being so cool with my plus 2, and to Jua and Fiqah for spending those 2 hours in the store. I knew I needed someone with me when I have to make big life choices, really.

As soon as we reached there, we were greeted with guestbook and appetizers. AH even got their own custom made chocolate for the guests, which quickly became our staple. Crazy good!

Moving on to the bags.

Having always been on the lookout for a good practical leather bag, I knew I'd love AH bags. And you won't believe how much difference those 50% off during the private sale makes! If there were a budget in my list for a black leather bag, I'd get one already. Sobs.

But since I've been saving for this one thing in my list called clutch, I had to settle with this the moment I saw it.

 The understated bow.

They have the famous glitter ones too, but I wanted a practical clutch which I can use for both casual and formal occasion. They also have this Gracie bag if you want this snake skin clutch with a shoulder strap, which I fell in love in an instant but knowing there's no way I'd wear this shoulder strap bag to any occasion..

They mentioned that there will be another private sale sometime in June (to launch the new collection) so there will be another 30% - 50% off! If you're a fan, start saving and go get yourself a bargain. Didn't get to take any pictures of the bags there cause they won't allow it for the sake of the private sale, so I had to remember the bags by heart.

Lost the previous one. And I hardly buy magazines now, so I'm keeping this one for future reference.

Next one in the list. Have always wanted the customized initials at the leather strap and I swear this bag looks so much nicer in person.

Am a happy girl now. But don't be surprise if you found me with bread and butter for the next few months.



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