see you soon!

You know the one thing I realized after started working?

You'll be so occupied with work that you just don't have the time to get excited on your coming holidays until the DAY comes.

For instance, I'm about to have my last day of working for this week before I'm going for my long-awaited Japan trip, but I'm so worn out at night I just didn't have time to even pack. Seriously. If it was a few years ago, I'd have sleepless nights a week before the flight going home cause I'd keep dreaming of Mum's yummy chicken curry and the stall near my kampung's char koey teow.

And today, a few years later, I'm so bloody tired from work to even think about packing.

Thinking about it, this trip will be my first trip. Alone. With. Mum. Wish me luck, people.

Can't believe I'll be seeing the guy I left in Japan after a whole year of not seeing him. That's 12 months.

And after 7 years, I'm still nervous.

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