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that particular Zara shoes.

A colleague is flying off to Japan tonight, and I gladly accompanied her to do some pre-business trip shopping yesterday. Which basically means retail therapy for me.

Been holed up at work and I can't even remember the last time I went for a shopping shopping certainly has its perks; I just realized Zara changed its logo a bit. I mean, it looks a little different..don't you think?

Anyway. One of the highlights from yesterday's trip.

I found my dream shoes at Zara. colleague basically had to drag me out of there.

You know, I usually would give up trying on Zara shoes because my feet are wayy to small even for the smallest size available at the store. I've tried size 35 and STILL there'll be some space left I don't know why. When I was in Holland, I'd usually just brush off the shoes department at Zara or MNG cause I know I'd be disappointed.

Yesterday, I just took these pair and slipped it on just to see how it'd look on me, and I was ready to see the back of the heels hung off. But I could feel my feet slipped into the shoes nicely; I could even walk in it!!

This must've been fate.

Peeked at the tag. 320 bucks.

He'd kill me if I bought it, I thought, so I had to give it up. Decided to just look around and tried on another nice pair that caught my eye, and it fits, too.

I swear I wanted to throw a fit.


  1. cantikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    tp mahalnyeeeeeeeeeeee
    ko kan berkemampuan gaji byk dwet berkepuk2 beli jeeeeeeeeeeeee. haha jht ke aku

    1. Mahal gilaa! Haha mana berkepuknya ishhh tak kawin lagi


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