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Hana's engagement!

So my high school bestie got engaged last weekend!

She was so sweet to ask me to be her dulang girl, I just couldn't say no. Even though my head goes "I don't know squat about being a dulang girl.." but it's her day and I could only hope I didn't do anything to ruin it.

But thank God, nothing embarrassing happened. And the ceremony was the most beautiful one I've seen.

 Behind the scene! Ajjie and Mimi touching up Hana.

 Lol Mimi!

In my head, I swear I was drooling over her dress. SO GORGEOUS I wanted to marry it. And everyone else does, too. She got her dress tailored in Shah Alam, so go ask her for details!

A little close-up :

 We were busy chatting in her room upstairs when the guy's family arrived, so I had no idea what went on before that. All we know we were gossiping and taking hundreds of pictures of the lucky girl (and her dress) when her relative came over and said we can go downstairs.

And the official ceremony began. Holding the hantaran dulang (they made me go first cause you know, I was the shortest pfftt) down and taking our own place in the living room, but we went sitting on the stairs for the sake of a better view.

The crowd.

After a while, we were doing this.

 I hope you know, it's Mimi's signature pose HAHA.

When we they behaved.
 Trying to sneak for a better view. Failed.

 With her FIL & MIL to-be!

When we were asked to give speech for the couple, we decided to let Zaza took the honor. While we shouted "Congratulations!!" in the background lol. 

 The dulangs.

Love this picture because I look tall HAHAH.

Hana, congrats on getting hitched!! I'm so happy for you and Faris and please don't turn into a bridezilla this coming months or you might see me less at KLCC HAHA (ok I'm not kidding). Looking forward to your big day!

Can't believe my form 2 deskmate is getting married in a few months.


  1. Auwww...thanks for the lovely post! Cant believe we were deskmates back in F2! Hehe..and no, i wont be a bridezilla.. Just scream, if i turn into one! And u HAVE to come sleepover before i get married! -hana-

    1. Haha no problem! I will come sleepover don't worry! And yes I still have a picture of us with Hawe in Form 2 lol :)

  2. hana is sooo pretty. baju die mmg sgt cantekkkkk -ida-

    1. Kannn! You should see in person, so lawaaa pfftt


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