dusty pink kurung.

A few weeks ago, a friend's boyfriend proposed to her and she asked me to be her dulang girl for her engagement ceremony.

I of course gladly said yes, partly because I was so happy she's on her way to getting hitched and that means a new baju kurung for me! Lol.

Having been working for 2 years now, I realized all my kurungs are the ready-made ones; and so few of them are the plain kurung. The last time I had a tailor taking down my measurement was when Mum brought me to her tailor to make some new baju kurung before I went to Japan. That was 2007.

Since then, coming back to Malaysia made me realize I no longer need to go to the tailor. So many nice ready-made kurungs now! And partly because I just don't have the time to find a good tailor and the patience to wait for the baju to be done.

But for her engagement ceremony, I finally found a good excuse to search for a good tailor and fabrics.

It's a dusty pink plain kurung with lace detail at the hem. Initially I wanted to find a chiffon but this one (not chiffon) caught my eye and that was it. Had to find the lace and it was sold out EVERYWHERE I go, so settled with this silver colored lace I found. 

Not bad for a first. Quite satisfied with the tailor (he's based in Bangi - drop a message if you want his number!) cause time-wise I got the baju kurung after 2 weeks as promised and the quality isn't so bad.

I foresee a lot of fabric-hunting after this. Gotta find better lace though!


  1. Is that friend of yours happened to be me?? Hehe! Your baju is soooo lawa! Cant wait to see uuuu!-hana-

    1. Haha who elseeee :)) I can't wait too, one more week to go!! Let me know if anything k! <3



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