So this conversation has been going on for the 1176th time.

Her : tgk  blog dah?
Me : tiap2 hr org tengookk
Her : xprasan keeee
Me : ape die saayaaangg (this is my normal tone to her-sweet & loving..)
Her : iii xpyh la jd author(/blogger?! Sorry I don’t know the correct term) org remove je la (high pitch &      screaming..)

So ive decided to write here once in a while just to let her off my back. I went to muse’s concert recently & it was really2 awesome. the metallica one that I went b4 was intense & great but this one was really cool. The lighting was brilliantly done & the animation was funny.

And don’t get me started on Mr. Bellamy. What a frontman. He was running around the whole time but his voice doesn’t change one bit. This is a true musician. Not just jumping around dancing & lip syncing – yes im thinking about you harry styles & your shitty hair.

Even the new songs sounded great – except for the one that chris sung – it just doesn’t sound like a muse song to me without bellamy(too much respect for this man to call him by his 1st name..) singing it. But the night ended in disappointment for me – they didn’t sing hysteria. All day long the song got me worked-up, but it never came.. and now I don’t know if I can cross off ‘muse live’ from my bucket list yet..

And now for the compulsory pictures..

so tempting..

the constant lasers made it difficult for a nice picture. and i only took it during new songs that i dont like haha.
i reckon this will save me a year of blogging..


  1. Wow, konsert muse kt jepun.. Diorang nyanyi x lagu unintended? Suka juga dgn muse sbb terpengaruh dgn abg. ;)

    1. Haha he must be so proud to hear that! Yeah I asked him that question too. He said unintended wasn't muse' best song..



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