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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

random Amsterdam pictures.

Almost two weeks into the new year, I'm already swamped with work.

Currently on my work desk? 4 stacks of patents and journals pending for review, and one stack brought home for the weekend. It doesn't mean I'm a workaholic, it means I'm doing everything I can to avoid a super stressful week ahead if I didn't at least settle a few things during the weekend.

I finally understood when people say they don't look forward to the weekend anymore.

So got home earlier than usual yesterday cause it's been a while, got into pajamas and watched my all-time favorite wolf packs - The Hangover. Bradley Cooper has this ability to pick me up anytime (especially since the boyfriend was away in Saitama last night for Muse concert, having the time of his life. The last time I went to a concert? Summer 2007, in Tokyo.)

And the perks of getting a long Friday night alone - caught up on my favorite pastime! Edited some pictures in my iPhone.

 The Hague, during one of evening outings looking for food as a curry-deprived foreigner. A few seconds after this snap, a tram went by missing the woman on the bicycle just by a few moment. Not really getting this often in Malaysia, I was stunned. Malaysia should make one of its new year resolutions 'to take more safety lessons'.

 In the tram. My everyday iPod getaway.

 Amsterdam, the first week of September. Ah the sunshine!

 Outerior of Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Same building design as Amsterdam Central station.

 Rijksmuseum entrance and the bosses. Ah the sunshine again! (not to be confused with Malaysia's sun, though. Two completely different things.)

 I'm cheating here cause this is in Bruges, Belgium. But reminded me of Amsterdam.

 In Bruges lagi. Having a pot of mussels with cream sauce for lunch.

 A store selling lace and clothes.

 True Belgian waffle we had in Brussels! Topped with Haagen Dazs' chocolate. Darn I miss it already. That's my boss' charming boy.

 Also cheating. This was Fiqah in front of Eiffel tower, our favorite place.

 Brussel Central. Obviously I'm not good with instructions, since this is supposed to be an Amsterdam post.

 Yay, an Amsterdam picture! While taking strolls around the city. Probably the farthest I've ever walked.

 Macaroons bought in The Hague. Because we didn't get to drop by Laduree while in Paris :(

 Just sayin'.

 A makcik showcase-ing her stuff for the kids. Snapped this in a hurry cause I was late for the train.

 From one of the many weekend outings' routine.

Will edit some more when I have the time and passion, you know the drill. But probably not that much cause it's starting to make me miss this place. 


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