my experience with FV.

Coming back from 3-month longg job attachment, I decided to reward myself something. Was deprived of online shopping while I was there, and even though Europe's cheaper H&M and New Look managed to compensate but I knew nothing beats Malaysia's premier online shopping website!

So I peeked at FashionValet's website one day, at work. (it was lunch) Saw many many good deals.

But what really surprised me is, they now have FV loyalty points! I've bought some tops and scarves from them before, and the points from those purchases is added up every time you make an order - i.e. if you bought a RM100 top, you'd earn 100 loyalty points which is RM1 for you to spend in the next purchase.

I used to go to the website whenever I feel like getting a new nice top. Contrary to popular belief, not all the items are pricey - you can get nice tops that'll cost you below 100 bucks. I refuse to spend so much on office outfits unless it can be worn during outings with friends too, so most of the tops in my list would be less than 100 bucks.

  • Tops - they carry a lot of high-end Malaysian designers so expect drool-alluring nice blouses and tops, but affordable ones are high on my favorite. Dude & the Duchess is my favorite for nice tops, and for affordable line, Quirky Brown Cow is the deal! Nice, simple no-fuss tops for less than RM100. Crazy.
  • Pants - never bought one yet as I'm quite skeptical with my size (can never get one right online)
  • Scarves - bought a few pieces from Mukaa, and they're among my to-go scarves now. Easy to wear, nice color and texture but you have to be careful on picking out the colors.

As for heels, I've never bought one before even though I've been lusting over GlamRockChic - but my sense just won't let me spend so much on heels. Until I saw the Kiss & Tell Poppy heels.

 CRAZY NICE. Even now I feel so sayang to use -___-"

As for the customer service, I'm sure you've heard already about how super efficient the staff are - and it's true. Query emails are replied pronto and they made online shopping so hassle-free that you'd want to click all day.

I've never had any problem with online shopping before; and God knows how much I love buying things online since I was in Japan - but I must say, the last purchase with FV was the first time I encountered a glitch in my history of online shopping. One of the items I ordered was not delivered; and I was so stunned that I double-check everything twice just to make sure I wasn't imagining it. It's so difficult to comprehend that FV would make a mistake, so I sent them an email to inquire about it (pretty sure the parcel wasn't being robbed on its way to my office) and they replied a little while after that saying the item was out of stock and they're willing to give me store credit equivalent to the price of the missing item for my next purchase.

It's a fair deal, and I came out of the whole incident satisfied (they did apologize profusely) but I think lesson learnt; you've got to double-check everything twice. I trust FV so in my impression, they would never make a mistake but maybe this is a one-time thing - and I know they take good consideration over this. 

Will still support the team though, the founder is my high school friend anyway. With her as a boss I knew they'd survive in a long time to come, so go visit the website now!

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