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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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Rotterdam city.

There are so many things I want to update about I don't even know where to start.

But priorities first - my flight to Malaysia is finally here. In a week's time.

That blows my mind. I mean, I've always wanted this to arrive soon ever since I reached here, 3 months ago. As much as I love being here in Amsterdam, I still feel like there's something missing - I'm working here alone, for God's sake. And Europe is no Japan.

God, how I miss Japan.

So last weekend (updating about last weekend when this weekend is almost over - that's how chronic my procrastinating is) I went to Rotterdam, a 20-minute train ride away from The Hague. Since my colleagues are all " ooh you MUST visit Rotterdam at least once" so I figured, doesn't hurt to go out alone to a foreign place other than Amsterdam once in a while. 

 Autumn everywhere!

 Now I understood why most Dutch people (at least the ones I've met) have been insisting that it's a must-visit city. This place is so different from all other Europe cities because of the architecture of the buildings; which comes from its modern style influences of the designers. You can see it from the design of this Erasmus bridge.

 I crossed the bridge on feet!

 Walked all the way to Wilhelminapier where the Hotel New York is.

  Wearing the peplum top from H&M. The pieces are so nice here I'm crossing my fingers we'd have the nice ones too in KL.

 And I know I should be almost immune to the cold weather now (after those 4 years in Japan) but it apparently isn't the case. It's so bloody cold even in my apartment with my heater on!

 Still no snow yet, though. I'm having mixed feelings whether or not I'd be happy with snow right now.


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