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my sister is married!!

Last weekend was probably the most difficult time for me for the whole 2 months that I've been here.

First, of course, celebrating Eid alone, here, in a strange city, without my family.

Second, my sister got married and I didn't get to be there on her special day.

I swear, I wanted to blog that time but I knew at my state I would have driven people crazy with my sobs and cries and rants "why, God, whyyy" so I decided to just kept my mouth shut and swallowed the horrible feeling.

Well, of course, my Mum got a handful of missed calls and voicemails of me crying and my bestfriend's husband got to answer my call with a nearly-breaking-down voice of me. (she was asleep when I called her, at 11.30 at night. In my defense, it was still early here!!)

You don't know how it feels missing your sister's big day. I felt horrible. Kept telling myself I'd make it through the day, but hearing the excitement in everyone's voice and remembering how amazing it was preparing for my eldest sister's wedding, I knew I'm missing a whole lot.


I can't believe I'm not in any of the pretty pictures. I can't believe I didn't get to see her wear the super gorgeous veil. I can't believe I didn't get to see her wear the beautiful white dress. I. JUST. CAN'T.

That's it, I'm not going for any business trip in future. No freaking way.

My favorite picture is probably this.

  My little brother as the wali for sister's akad. Touched my heart how big he is now, and how he's being so responsible despite his age. And my sister was crying before anything even started HAHA.

I've been their baby sister my whole life - and I'm so lucky to have two big sisters who I look up to so much. And both of them being married now; I don't know how to deal with that. It's not like we see each other so frequently since we were away from home most of our teenage lives, but now that we're grown up now, I really wish we could be our silly young selves again, minding our own business, playing like it was our own world. Having husband and kids must change that; and so far for my eldest sister, she compensated my childhood-deprived self by giving me the cutest baby niece ever 2 years ago.

Kak Una, I'm so happy for you I can't say. Praying for the best for the both of you, and I'm sorry for not being there. Please give me more little nephews and nieces okay?

And I'm so happy to have TWO BROTHER-IN-LAWS NOW! Though they really don't know what they've gotten themselves into. I mean, 3 sisters-and-1-little-brother siblings really ain't easy. Muahaha.


  1. congratz kak atil.. dh bertambah family members.. :)

    p/s: gmbr masa kecik2 tu, kak atil yg tgh, kn??

    1. Thank you! Alhamdulillah :)

      Haha haah, sng kan nak cam sbb muka kitorg lain gila hahaha.


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