ayam back!

Currently posting this from Bangi home. HOO RAY.

But of course, I'm still drowsy and sleepy and tired as hell cause Mr Jetlag wants to be my bestfriend.

My flight was on Saturday and it was one of the nicest flight I've had so far because :

  • Had two super big luggage and the generous MAS counter guy let me sneak my hand luggage bag too, so I had 3 bags checked in. I was so worried I'd have to pay for extra kgs but apparently I didn't have too since I checked in super early, even got the "priority baggage" tag and everything! CRAZY AWESOME MAS GUY I LOVE YOU.
  • So I get to bring ONLY my handbag into the flight, which means extra hand for airport tax free shopping. 
  • Explored Schiphol airport quite a bit 
  • Didn't get lost while trying to find the boarding gate (the airport is huge ok)
  • Got extra time to do tax return at the counter - the queue was super long. If you've done tax return at any airport, you'd know this. Saw many Malaysians at the line, and I just realized - Malaysians really like shopping! Almost all of them have LV and Gucci and Hermes shopping bags, I'm not kidding. And I was a genius; I didn't know we have to show the purchased goods in order to refund the tax.
  • Managed to get the refund tax anyway for 2 receipts out of 3 - the counter kakak was super nice. Told her I've checked in the stuff in my luggage, showed her my bag, showed her the receipts, and got 66 euro for tax refund! That's almost RM200+ :O

But spending 13 hours in a flight is challenging. Have to think twice before they ever decided to send me anywhere again.

Regardless, I miss the people in The Hague already. Spending 3 months in a foreign place, alone, is definitely not one thing you'd enjoy - but these people made it bearable. Actually had fun with them!

Truly one of the greatest crowd I've met.

Being on this trip really made me realize that I won't have any of this if it weren't for my job, and I'm eternally grateful for it. Some people have this because of their family and it means they're lucky, some luckier than others - but we have to realize that rezeki is all in God's hand. I believe that everyone has their own rezeki; regardless in what form it is. You might not get something you want but you don't know that God gave you something else; something that others would kill to have while you're busy wanting that other thing you see people have. So always be grateful for everything; for God can take it away anytime and everything is only temporary.

Some comes with even greater responsibility - and that's scary.

Now excuse me while I'm unpacking and trying to clean off all these dust in my room.


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