Paris : Day 2.

Equals to the most awesome day ever.

I'd love to try to summarize this eventful day in short so you won't be bored, but I honestly think I can't. I freaking love every single thing about this day - I laughed a new laugh, I smiled and it was a new smile, I tasted freedom like I've never tasted before.

Among awesome things I touched (literally) : Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Champs Elysees. 

If you ever found a way to go to Paris, make sure you go to at least 3/4 of the above. No, scratch that. Go to all of them, you only live once!

 Taking metro from our hotel.
Found our way to Eiffel Tower!

 This was at 9 am-ish, so please excuse the freezing smile.

 Excited bunch.

 An uncle with his...puppet, I think. We kept waiting to see if he could move its hands, but he didn't.

 The famous river right in front of the tower. We must've crossed that river like a hundred times!

 There's something about a blurry photo that makes it extra special.

 Arc de Triomphe!

 We were actually right in the middle of the street when I took this picture, there was even a couple taking their wedding photo! Which is super romantic, I think. But to drag your new husband all the way to Paris with your just-worn wedding dress is a bit..too much for me.

I'm so lazy, I might take my wedding photo in a studio. Or at the lawn in front of my house in kampung. 

 Champs Elysees!

 Our lunch, the pizza.

 Me with the super creepy aunty mannequin at the LV store.

And...Galeries Lafayette, the shopping heaven.

I had to tear myself from store to store, in that building. Kept thinking "if only I had one more day to spend here..." it wasn't easy, I tell you.

 Managed to have a cup of coffee at this one cafe in front of Louvre. Feeling very French already, us girls.

Except that Fiqah had mint tea HAHAHA.

 Probably the most famous 'pyramid' in the world. Quite an irony since it's not really one.

 Passed by this riverbank that has a line of painters and souvenir shops. We stopped by literally at all of them, I really wanted to buy some but this voice inside my head just won't shut up.

 Marie Claire and Elle magazines in 1970's, I think. Love the whole vintage look.

The weather was so unpredictable; I had my leather jacket on and off the entire day. But thank God for this light jacket, it was so comfy! Forgot where I got it. Scarf from Accessorize, pants from Zara, yellow flats aka the comfiest flats in the world from H&M.


  1. LUCKY GIRL!!! (jealous mode)

    1. I got lucky, Alhamdulillah :) Haha don't lah jealous insyaAllah your turn will come!

  2. btw..ur pictures are superb. thumbs up=)



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