on the move, again.

Day 1 at new office, 89 days to go.

Yes, I'm on a business trip - AGAIN - as some of you had known. (I might have informed some people just in case, you know, anyone thought I've gone missing in Europe kidnapped or something)

As of right now, I'm in my hotel room in this foreign city where I'll be staying for a period of time, finishing my kebab sandwich my colleague bought for me this afternoon (requested for some halal food, was starving), shivering because of the cold due to the aircond. We arrived this morning and went to the hotel straight from the airport, checked in and left the luggage at the hotel room, hopped on the tram to go to our new (temporary) office in Rijswijk for a meeting.

Managed to snap some pictures but they have to wait, big meetings this week! So I'll post more pictures once I've settled down in between work and meetings and hotels.

Life sure loves to tease me; putting me in this place I've always wanted to go my whole life AND making me work at the same time.

Just got back to the hotel room, showered and ready to succumb to Mr Jetlag who wants to be my new best friend.

And don't even get me started on the time difference.


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