and dior created woman.

Now this is just plain awesome.

I had no idea who Daphne Groeneveld was until a few hours ago upon discovering this video. She's definitely not the drop dead gorgeous model I've always had my eyes on, but she has this quality that just makes this whole ad brilliant!

Sure, there are a few silly scenes in the video that I find too OTT but I love how vintage and cute everything is. Would have preferred Natalie Portman for a Dior ad but she might won't pull off this particular ad as good as Daphne, so that counts for something.

And she's only 18!

Anyway, we have the day off for tomorrow! Can't be more thankful for working in this particular state of the country (Selangor) since KL doesn't get the privilege to celebrate Nuzul Quran public holiday (those working in KL, HAHA) cause after a few weeks of crazy hectic work, getting a day off on a Monday is awesome.

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