if I ever had a girl crush

It would definitely be her.

Bella Heathcote, or Josette DePres/Victoria Winters in Dark Shadow. (but I like her as Victoria Winters more)

Outfit love #1 (lace jacket) MAJOR LOVE.

Outfit love #2 (silk blue dress with big bow)

Outfit love #3 (winter cape coat)

I love all the Victorian clothes she wore, which of course make sense since the story is originated from an old soap opera back in 1960s. Tim Burton did a splendid job in the choice of main roles; Johnny Depp is no doubt the perfect person to potray Barnabas Collins, and throughout the movie you'd see how he kept his plot signature (and choice of actors - Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, etc) going. And the pretty Bella Heathcote.

She kinda reminded me of Rory Gilmore sometimes. And The Corpse Bride, don't you think? But she definitely fits the actress profile in most of Burton's movies, so I won't be surprised if we saw her in the next Burton's movie. Kinda like a female lead version of Johnny Depp to Tim Burton. (Only prettier.)

I don't know why most of the people I know didn't like this movie, cause I like it a lot. (probably because of Bella, but I don't think I was that serious about the girl crush) The soundtrack is nice too! Cool retro songs - I swear me and my housemate burst laughing once we heard one of the songs haha.
Having said that, if you're a fan of the 1960s series, you might want to cool off the expectation first. And if you're not a gothic movie fan.


  1. bella is pretty, but i love eva green MORE!

    1. Yes, shes so sexayy. Sometimes I get irritated jugak when bella is too innocent.



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