tucking in issues.

Today, I was so confused at work.

Friends who know me would know I'm so not a tuck in girl. I'd rather alter my blouse or shirt if they're too long; I just won't risk wearing a blouse that looks like a pajama on me (because I'm super petite) or having to tuck them in my pants. I don't think I've ever worn blouse tucked in my pants, for whatever reason.

But today I broke the tradition.

Colleague was super shocked. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone (women) tucking in their shirts or blouse here in this office"

Truth be told, my office here is quite a conservative bunch. Women here would usually wear baju kurung or jubah even during weekdays; given that the majority here are married women and men, they tend to be very polite and well-mannered. Respecting the elders; we would say, because I can say less than 20% are single/unmarried! Definitely not a party scene, here. Pfft haha.

But truthfully, I understood her point. I had second thoughts once I heard her comment too, because it's very unflattering, one, if you have big bottom (Ok not big but even normal) that the pants would give away the unflattering shape; two, I get very uncomfortable having guys staring at certain places they shouldn't look at. And of course, being a girl raised in a decent (albeit imperfect) Muslim way, it's clear that God doesn't like you showing off your curves to men other than your husband.

So this is the first and last time I ever tucked in my shirt. I've always wondered how I'd look, but now I know! And I'm glad I have tucking in issues.


  1. zatil sesuai pakai purple lah. cantik :)
    maybe sejak keje kat pet nih zatil makin happy kot, pipi pon nmpk tembam sket.

    1. tulah pasallll :(( mmg semua org cakap tembam. am ditching dinner starting tonight hehe. thank you :)

  2. ttibe ble tgk gmba ni rse cm nk kata kita de sama mata...lol



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