moved to the new place

New bedsheets. New mattress. New pillows. New cloth racks. New laptop table. New makeup drawers. New human-size mirror.

New hangers to hang clothes. New room dustbin.

I've moved to a new apartment :) And things had been good until I'm down with flu as soon as I unpacked things and I forgot to put my mask on. Oh, the horror. It's been a long time since I'm seriously ill with sore throat and running nose AND a fever, so this time I had to take a day off work (thankfully the kind doctor gave me MC) and I just have to tell you, this is the first time I detest spending the day off work - because I was in the new apartment, alone. With a body temperature reaching 40 degree.

And it was the first time I felt like I'd rather be at work, than home.

Maybe it's still a transition phase, I don't know. But so far I'm loving the place (despite being sick on the first night here) because it's not so far from the office, the housemates are uber-cool, the people are very friendly I almost feel as safe as when I was in Japan.

But the only thing that hit me the hardest is - I no longer have my alone time in the car for a good at least one hour.

Yes, I'm weird, I know.

Sometimes I just wish the apartment would be a bit far or I'd be caught up in a traffic jam for at least 30 minutes, or something.

I miss my alone time in the car. It was usually the only time I'd get to blast my car speaker off with my favorite CDs or just listening to, the only time I'd turn the radio off and just spend some time in complete silence, the only time I'd get to enjoy to views by the highway.

God, I'm so weird.

Now, going to work just takes 15 minutes. 15 freaking minutes. That's only like, 3 to 4 songs.

Took this when I was stuck in traffic jam, because it looks like a bird.

I like my alone-time in the car. Now I need to find some other entertainment.

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