it's a whole new world, in there.

I was thinking of changing my office bag (I have far moved from this one - it was too small!)

But when I take a look at my bag last night, I changed my mind.

I now know why men scared of rummaging through a woman's bag. Or at least, my boyfriend hardly ever did. He'd steer away from my bag as best as he can, always. Yes, now I know why, mister.

I can't believe the junk I have in that bag. But they're all essential to me - the 2 different lipgloss, 1 lipstick, a foundation AND a face powder, 2 packets of tissue, apartment and office keys, etc. Sometimes I get so worried thinking I might leave something behind if I changed my bag. (or as my friend calls it, a "guni" - I would be offended if I didn't find that so true, in this case.)

How do you girls do it, I will never know.

But for now, Imma leave my office bag alone. At least until I can find some time to actually sort out the stuff, or when I get a new bag. (new bag is always a motivation to do something good)

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