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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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first birthday surprise.

My birthday fell on Tuesday, which was a working day.

The worst thing is, my colleague went to Johor this whole month for her offsite and it was just me in that big office. NOT. FUN. I almost fell asleep, I kept stretching my hands and feet and had to keep my iPod volume loud enough to wake my brain cells up all day.

Quite a bad day for a birthday.

But got the surprise of my life when I got home :")

Every girl's dream - gorgeous white and red roses, a box of Decadence chocolate, and a cake!

I really don't know how he did it, but he managed to get my Uncle and Aunt to keep it as a secret from me; my sister and cousin came that night to celebrate. Now it's been ages since I last celebrated my birthday with my sister because we've been in different continents for most of our lives; so this is historical.

And this day also marks the first year of coming back to Malaysia for good - so I couldn't help reminiscing of the things I've been through these past 12 months.

God gave me so much, and all these just make me want to be better for the years to come. InsyaAllah. I didn't kid when I said I want to be accomplished in career while balancing dunya and akhirat, so please pray that God will make this easier for me. Amin.


  1. hepi besday.. :)
    so yummy la that cake..

    1. Thank you Miss Shuga :) yes, it wassss. I wish my birthday was everyday haha.


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