Japan : Day 3 & 4

Our own little tour of Chiba, and plant tour.

Dinner at Saizeriya, one of the famous cheap Italian food chain in Japan. One of my favorite lepak place during uni days. You can find this restaurant all over Japan and it's crazy cheap! There's a lot of seafood in the menu so you don't have to worry about which (halal) dish to choose.

Chiba city at night

Plant tour!

 The awesome people I work with

In the tour bus while waiting for the guys to finish looking at all the ships there.

On another note, some of you might read the news about earthquakes occurring in Chiba and Tokyo area recently. We were in Chiba when it happened, but Alhamdulillah everything was fine. It was normal for the Japanese to have quakes so there were hardly any chaos; I didn't even realized it at first cause we were at the train station and I thought the "vibration" was because of the train. Talk about noob.

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