heading back to the second home I've missed

This week had been a hectic week for me, and tomorrow I'm off to Tokyo. It's actually a business trip so getting excited over it isn't even worth it cause yeah, I'll be working (pfft) but still, I've missed the place so much I'd get excited over the washlets there.

Heck, I'd get excited over anything there.

So I spent the day getting some warm clothes for the trip; since I gave away (almost) all my jackets and coats to my juniors last year and I'm left with a leather jacket which I left at Penang. Yes, I'm a genius.

But the good side of it - I got new ones!

I've always had my eyes on wool and knitted jumpers and coats, but never really gotten around with the idea of buying them because usually the good ones would cost you a fortune. Going in and out Zara every once in a while when I was in Japan was hard because of this; Zara has the nicest knitted coats, I swear. I love the cut, the texture, the polish figure, everything.

The feeling of not having to justify over purchases is really nice.

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