skirts vs trousers

You know what are the perks of being in the industry dominated by men?

You get so sick of black tight trousers that you'd want to wear skirts.

YES, EVEN for one (ehem) who has never, ever worn a skirt in her entire life.

Strange, but true. If you raid through my closet, the possibility of finding one piece of A-line pencil skirt is 0, I can assure you that. But now that I'm surrounded with white-and-green company shirts and black trousers, while glancing down at myself just to find the boring black tight trousers staring back at me, it really gets tiring.

Now I know I'll be long gone from the company if I dare to wear a color block skirt, so black is the only choice I have. BUT NO MORE TROUSERS, PLEASE.

Maysaa's jersey maxi skirt (a bit too casual, but doable)

(omg this would give me all the air I need...I can imagine myself swishing the skirt around in the office under the table)

(if these are permitted at the office, I would wear these trousers everyday.)

 And if all else fails, I would just find a sleeveless collared blouse and wear this for the outer layer. UBER COMFY.

Of course, I should probably consider the permittable ones before I'm being called for the wrong attire.
Now, legs, I'm sorry that you have to suffer..

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