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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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recycle make up, nay.

Starting off 2012 with the best guy, best companion and the best friend in the world is amazing. He flew back to Japan yesterday and I've been in the most confusing mood ever, thanks to cramps.

I'm still happy from our dates last week, I still have butterflies in my tummy yet I'm so sad to realize we're oceans apart. Again.
But, meh. WE CAN DO THIS!

(frantically looking for the cheapest AirAsia ticket I could find on the net and praying that I can get a few days off for some Japan trip. Please, pray for me.)

Anyhow, last few days had been phenomenal. Started working at the new place, driving on roads and highways I'm not familiar with, staying at a place surrounded with little cousins. Phenomenal.

And we took it to the next level - he took me to meet his whole family. Now, I didn't even ask him how I did because I'm too chicken to know. But I certainly felt the love, Alhamdulillah :)

But before all that, I just have to post this.

Who on earth would do that?!! I can't even go a few hours without wet tissue-ing my face, let alone sleeping the whole night with the makeup on.

Imagine having your eyeliner and mascara lines streaming down your face. Ick.


  1. yike, that is not good! i mean the make-up hehe. i had to actually wash and re-apply my make up (if i'm wearing any) after max 5 hrs or else new pimples will come out :D btw, aww that's too bad that your love one had to leave. hope u'll get the tix to japan hehe..

  2. Hi dear, how are u doing? Glad we met u but unfortunately we hardly chit-chat...i got migraine that day..the weather too hot plus the time was limited too! Got to know that my bro got lost ya ;-))))

    Nway,during ur recent visit, u did not meet the whole of Johari's clan, whether u realised it or not, there are still another 3+1 more,hope Shahrul has not forgotten abt his other sisters too..Insya Allah, by end of this year the whole gang will be here :-)

    Do keep in touch ya...can always see us in fb too ;-)

    Luv, K.Ella

  3. @Aida Narina : yes, the pimples!! I get so tired of them I feel like washing my face 5 times a day. Hehe. Aww thanks :))

    @K. Ella : Hi K. Ella! Yea it wasn't the whole family, I know, just putting it as a whole just so it doesn't get too detailed hehe.

    InsyaAllah will meet the whole gang when the time comes :) it was nice to meet you & the family the other day! Thank you for the invite :))


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