I'm not going out, because I can't do my scarf.

Came across this video while I was youtube-ing in the car yesterday, waiting for the guys to come and pick me up for our meeting at Dayabumi.

A girl can multitask anytime, anywhere.

I can relate to this 100%.

The popular ones,

"Naah..it makes me have fat cheeks"
"I'll wear pink cause it goes with my scarf" - ALWAYS!
"Noo I'm not coming out..can't find a scarf to go with my outfit..NO"
"Can't wait to get home and take this thing off my head"
"I found the best dress the other day..if only it had long sleeves"
"Bad hijab day."
"Not going out..can't do my scarf" - ALL THE FREAKING TIME.
"I had to change cause Bobby didn't like my outfit..he said it's too tight" - YES. DEFINITELY. Which I think, if you have a guy like this, hold on to him with your dear life, girls.



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