i need a second season of this particular korean drama.

So basically, this is the first time an entry post title practically sums up everything I wanted to convey in this post.

Yes, I've been happily tucked away in my blanket everyday watching this.

Mary Stayed Out All Night (or also known as Marry Me, Mary)

The story revolves around this young, cheerful girl who is used to dealing with her father's debt problems. She met a playboy, free-spirited indie singer who's in a rock band and fate has it, the girl has to marry another guy because of her father's debts. In order to convince her father not to marry her off to some guy, she told her father that she's married and asked the indie singer to "pretend" to be her husband.

I must tell you, I'm really not one of the girls who watch Korean dramas and listen to Kpop all the time, and the one thing that made me watch this drama is because I stumbled upon one of the OST on Youtube, and decided to give it a try.

Little did I know, the most gorgeous man on earth actually plays the main role.

The female lead was played by Moon Geun Young, whom I recognized in My Little Bride. She's actually my age, which I think is pretty cool - she looks like 16!

For me, this drama is a lot similar to Full House - it has all the typical Korean romantic scenes; karaoke sessions, bicycle rides, playing in the snow, kiss on the forehead - and then while reading about the drama, I found out that the creator was the same creator who made Full House! No wonder lahhh pschttt.

You know, at least compared to other Korean dramas, this doesn't have the stereotype ordinary-girl-with-super-perfect-guy lead roles. The male lead is potrayed as a playboy, yes, but at least he's not this perfect guy who has everything - while the female lead is always, always the weak ordinary girl. I love that like Full House, the female lead is potrayed to be yes, ordinary - but also shines in some way to capture the whole story. And less screaming, too - Mum doesn't seem to be bothered with this drama cause she said it doesn't have "screaming scene" so much like other Japanese and Korean dramas hahaha!

Which I guess, is true. On some level. 

Been listening to the OST all week now. You're Beautiful (another drama starring Jang Geun Suk, who also played as the lead singer in a band) has the best OST songs, though.

But still, I think this drama beats Full House anytime. In my heart, at least.


  1. haha!
    cm mimpi plak tbe2 nmpk entry cite tang korea drama plak :p

  2. Is that her? She looks diff compared to Cinderella's Sister

  3. oh have you check maaduu.com?

  4. @Wawa : tulah jrg kot tgk haha :D takpe satu cite ni je. Dah tgk belum?

  5. @Mimi : Kan! I think she looks a bit matured now. Tapi still baby face jugakla haha.

    @Anon : Not yet. Streaming website jugak kan? Is it better than dramacrazy.net?



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