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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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when you take public transport.

You should have a few things to do to keep yourself from hating the journey.

Especially when you're lucky enough to reside in a state where not only the traffic jam is the worst, but also the drivers' attitude - you won't find anyone drives quite like Penang drivers. Really.

So I've been taking this shuttle bus to work because 1) I hate to be stuck in traffic and not being able to do anything except keeping my leg in position to brake 2) I'd rather listen to my iPod and sleep than watching the ugly situation on the road 3) Penang bridge, ladies and gentlemen, is a nightmare to get through.

Been driving back and forth from home to Sunway and take the shuttle bus service called Bridge Express Shuttle Transit (BEST) which is provided by Penang state government (and Rapid Penang) for those who are commuting - with the ultimate goal; to reduce traffic on the bridge. BEST FREAKING IDEA EVER.

And it's FREEE! Finally, I feel like someone somewhere heard my inner voice.

I really really really don't like driving in Penang. KL drivers are much ethical, to be frank.

So anyway. The traffic in Penang is really a piece of work - you can't predict what would happen. There were times that I was in the shuttle on the way back for two FREAKING hours when the journey should've taken like 30-40 minutes, tops. So I figured if I want to stay in this lifestyle, I'd rather at least be happy and enjoy the ride.

1) Never ever forget the earphone. I honestly cannot picture what I'd do if I left it at home - but one thing for sure, it ain't gonna be pretty.

That's my shoes bag. Yes, we have to bring special shoes to work.

2) Bring a magazine. If there's one time to read one, this is it. Except if you have motion sickness, which won't allow you to do number 3, too.

3) Bring a book, if you're not a magazine type of person.

4) Make friends with nice people who are commuting on the same ride as you - and I repeat, nice people. You'd be surprised how good you'll feel when you can communicate with others on the long journey; especially when you have to take the ride with them everyday. I take the shuttle along with an AMD engineer, some Intel engineers, kakak kerani at Plexus and even managers!

5) Sight-seeing eligible apartments for future home. Penang really has some of the best apartments; I might consider settling down in Penang if the price hasn't spike up so much. I said I MIGHT.

One of the pricy-est condo in Penang - inspired by KLCC. Even got a bridge in between!

6) Simply sight-seeing and find the beauty in it. I think the trip really gives me a new way to rewind - after spending so much energy at work, you'd appreciate that little time you could find just to relax and listen to your favorite songs and watch the clear blue sky.

In my case, this is my happy pill.

Makes me wish I could fly.

I might have to drive sometime - but I'd prefer this anytime.


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