victoria by victoria beckham.

I've been meaning to write about this, but the reason of the delay is simple : I still can't get over just how adorable they are.

You know, like kittens. You just want to hold them and pinch them and stare at them and look at their details FOR A LONG, LONG WHILE.

Except that this is not a kitten. It's a dress.

This is Victoria's new line, called Victoria by Victoria Beckham. (You know, like Marc by Marc Jacobs) She's quoted as saying that this is the new affordable line targeted for women of all sizes, with low prices starting at £375 ($593) to £995 ($1,575). Well, that's called Beckham-ish low.

Inspired by indie comic Emily the Strange, the range was entirely comprised of loose shifts, all falling to just above the knee - a departure from her figure-hugging zip-back dresses.

I won't lie. I love all the designs.

If I were given a choice, I wouldn't even know how to begin to choose. All are so chic without being overly cutesy! I was surprised because if I saw these in stores, I definitely won't believe it's her design; well, compared to all the dresses in her previous line, which are always hip-hugging cut.

I don't really like her handbag line, I like her previous line but this one does it. Reminded me of Alice + Olivia, somehow.

But my favorite would be this.

(source : here)

Victoria really wears her own dresses like no one can. And it always amazes me how she can wear the clothes and look even better than those sky-high models when she's really petite!

Petite's #FTW.

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