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last day at work.

I've been laying low about this before, but now that the day had come - I spent last Friday as the last day at my (now previous) company as I've gotten a better offer at this other place.

It was a historic day for me, because I had no idea how quitting from a company means. What I should do, who to see, what's appropriate/not appropriate to say - yes, I'm very anal like that. I wanted to make sure I didn't leave any mess behind; and thank God my boss was so cool!

My department held a farewell party for just the 6 of us at Pizza Hut nearby, during lunch - and it made things harder. It was harder to say goodbye when you know you have a good set of people working together, especially for us the fresh graduates; getting a good start is crucial. AND I've only been there, like, 5 months.

They were so thoughtful, nevertheless. They even asked me to give a speech, but I WAS TOO EMBARRASSED to say anything haha. Oh well.

 Yes, I HAVE to wear sport shoes to work. SO glamorous.

Yazid, who will probably miss me the most HAHA. Bring our department to the top!

With Basha, who has been with me for as long as I can remember - we were in English class together in UM for 2 years, went to the same uni (Hiroshima) for the last 4 years, and same company for the last 5 months. I mean, no one can beat that. Haha.

For all I know, work is different without these people. Last Friday was emotional for me - thank God they didn't see me wailing my eyes out.

And I KNOW what you're going to say. Yes, I reallyy couldn't be bothered about how boring I am when it comes to work clothes - I mean, you have to wear something that could work well with sport shoes! DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IS THAT?? I have to turn my wardrobe upside down just to come up with that old baggy jeans, for heaven's sake. Couldn't even care less if rhinestones-embedded jeans are so out-of-date now.

Even during weekends when I'm out, this is practically the most decent outfit I can come up with just for the sake of it.

I've really got to pull myself together. PRONTO.

Anyway. Remember this post? Well, good news - I've finally revived the iPhone!

I really forgot just how talented Malaysians are when it comes to hacking gadgets haha. You'd never, ever find any phone jailbreaking/unlocking store in Japan. All my Japanese friends were astonished when they knew I didn't pay a single cent for all the songs in my iPod, because they downloaded everything from iTunes store!

Oh the things we can learn from each other. Hehe.

Hello, Instagram. Bye bye, HTC.


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