my weekend was awesome.

Because I have these awesome people with me.

(I'm too sweet about my friends, aren't I? Hehe. They should really belanja me for this)

After a longg tiring (but fun) day at Mid Valley.

Yes, the favorite spot I mentioned before was Mid Valley. Why? Because 1) Used to go there with Jannah & Jua during weekdays and weekends to watch late night movies and just going from store to store 2) The one place Shahrul would dare to take me out on the first date because it's close to our college 3) Used to be our weekly catch-up date place.

Yes, we went to Fat Spoon! YAY! There weren't anybody around so we kinda had the whole place to ourselves; so it was awesome. One great advice - go to your favorite restaurant/cafe early in the morning during off days, and you'll have the most peaceful morning of your life.

The cupcakes were meant for Farah since it was her birthday; and we were too skint to buy her a full cake HAHA.

  The gorgeous birthday girl.

Also went to Hana's open house. I want to own a house like hers, one day. With my money.

On another note, things have been going well for me, Alhamdulillah. I think when people say nothing is impossible, 90% of them who actually aren't doubting it have experienced some sort of miracles before. Cause I used to be in that 10% crowd, and now everything's changing.

Oh God, since when did I turned into this lame sappy girllll it's so not funny.

I actually took leave today, due to some reason I can't disclose here. After everything settles, I just realized today is the nicest Monday I've had since..forever. Took me a while to just sit around and enjoy the comfort of home.


  1. u look berisi la,so cute! =D

  2. how do u edit ur photos? love em =)

  3. @Nina : berisi does not, in any way, means cute. at least in my dictionary. haha -__- but still, thanks :)

    @Anon : used this one feature in my camera, edited the colors je :) SLR would be a big helpp. sheesh.

  4. cantiknyaaaaaa birthday girl tu!
    and kawan2 sekolah *agak2 je* zatil cantik n manis2 belaka



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