screw the new, i want the old.

Today, I saw this one funny cockroach on the road at my workplace (I KNOW RIGHT, what workplace got cockroaches?! Psshh disgusting) so I was about to take its photo and put it up on my Instagram. You know, so that all the strangers on Instagram can look/not look at your self-proclaimed photo collection.

Then I realized, I can't.

Man that feeling sucks.

It just didn't hit me how much I'd miss using my old phone with all the handy apps that came with it before, but I do now. While Android has finally heard my prayers and gave me Viber, oh how I wish they'd produce another Instagram for Android version.

Talk about not being grateful.

I still miss my old phone :( Bloody Cydia ruined my happiness!! Tsk. If you guys know how to recover iPhone from damaged Cydia apps, tell me TELL MEE.

I miss playing Bejeweled on my bed while waiting for him to call. I miss browsing on its fine interface (Android interface still can't beat iOS', I think), I miss browsing iBags, I miss Tweetdeck, I miss Instagram!

Browsed Android's Market (sort of like App Store) and found this Lightbox app, claiming to be another Instagram-like app for Android.

So far I stay firm with pleading with the Instagram guys to make an Android version, cause Lightbox can never replace Instagram. Funny how an app can put me down so much.

And yes, this is just to say that being emotional over a loss is perfectly okay. Even if it came from snapping a picture of a cockroach.

P/S : Happy Ramadan everyone! May this month brings more berkat and happiness for us all. Am super excited to welcome the holy month in Malaysia after 4 years :) I apologize for any of my wrongdoings; intentionally or not.

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