the little printed blue paper.

So I received my first paycheck last month.

Had to blink away a few tears, when I first held the little blue paper.

Then it hit me - what do I want to buy with my first salary? If this was a few years ago, I'd had pay Charles & Keith or Chanel a visit, regardless of the amount in that paper. I remember dreaming about Chanel 2.55 bag whenever I think of my first paycheck until the reality hit me in the face that a fresh graduate engineer's salary isn't that much.

Truthfully, I came to realize shopping really isn't my priority now. Or rather, it's no longer applicable. Or maybe my shopping priorities have changed.

I haven't bought any bags since I left Japan. I KNOW RIGHT?! It's a miracle, I tell you.

Going to shopping malls now is just not the same anymore. I no longer look for nice clothes; I look for books instead. I pay more attention to shoes since I sold most of them before I came back to Malaysia, so there are holes to fill in the shoes cupboard. Nice clothes just not as appealing anymore.

Having to wear uniform to work sucks. There I said it.

Oh how I'd kill to wear this to work.

3.1 Phillip Lim, Net A Porter
Red Valentino, Net A Porter

Please, this simple chic shirt would be enough to make me happy, thank you.

So if your company doesn't require some sort of uniforms for the employee to wear, be bloody grateful.

It's been years too since I visited Net-A-Porter or ASOS or such. Really. I don't like this person I'm turning into, but my purse and Mum are happy so..I guess transitions are good sometimes.

This is what I bought with my first paycheck. (Mannn I can never get over saying that)

Miss Dior Cherie perfume.

And my life is complete.


  1. disaster right??i will be bankrup when i working..and i only can have shopping once have title STUDENT and when i resign and become jobless!! U Just got ur first salary and feeling that way, if u think on zillion of tax that u have to pay end of year??..PENGSAN!!i hate malaysia's system!seriously..(penoh perasaan menulis =P hahahhaha)

  2. zanna!!!btoi ka banyak tax kena bayaq???nway..cantek kan cam atill....hahahaha(out of topic)...n dior tu wangiiiiii~

  3. syena:ye r,income tax, road tax + insurans + toll n fuel and now service tax dah naik 1%..ha'ah..atil mmg cantik..hahahaha!

  4. @Zanna : I've never paid much attention to tax so thanks for the info! Hahah. We'll see how broke we are come end of this year.

    @Syena : HAHAHAHAH tula lain kali tulis camera. lol ;) yesss to dior!



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