because they are awesome.

With my job, my weekdays aren't very appealing anymore - nasi bungkus and going to bed early don't make a great combination. So weekends are practically my sole hope to get back my sanity, and last weekend was worth it.

My two best friends in the world came to my rumah sewa last weekend, with the rest of the gang - Nana, KN, and Syena's little brother, Iman. (yes, she cannot go anywhere without her two bodyguards - I have so much respect for her dad! Hehe)

With the combination of Farah and Syena, I knew my day won't be anywhere near still.

People can say anything they want, but these two girls would always be the greatest friend I've had.

I had a tough week (refer previous post. I'm officially depressing when it comes to hard work, I know. AM SO SORRY PEOPLE.) so having these two by my side even just for a while, makes everything a whole lot simpler. I think they just got tired of my "can I just wear contact lens without having my manager sneering at me??" "can't they just loosen up a bit??" "I swear I don't wanna work in kilang anymore" bits.

So, girls. Choose your best girlfriends carefully, cause they're the ones you'd always have (if you're lucky) regardless the times you've been apart. We've been friends since high school until now, and everytime I meet them, it feels like we've never changed.

Nothing. Not even the shopping part.

Syena and her longtime boyfriend. And I mean, LONG TIME. They've been together since forever, and we would tease them about their early years up until now! HAHA.

  Sushi King!

Brought them back to my apartment. Scared them off with super-strict guards and creepy neighbors. But the living room and plasma TV made up for it.

And the title says it all.


  1. hye! nice! tgh2 bw, jmpe ur blog..and seems i prnh tgk ur frens farah..uia rite?hehe..

  2. haha yes yes :) you guys friends ke?! small world!

  3. cantiknya umh sewa zatil. beza dr umh sewa ak. mine cam pondok buruk and urs cam istana kayangan nak ibaratkan. hahah xpe la syukur ate least ade umah sewa nak tgl.

    umh sewa kat penang mahal jang?

  4. @azalia : tak lah! belasahh je :)) raw mmg tak makan pun.

    @anon : hahah thanks :) ni pun last minute dpt fully furnished. susahh sgt nak dpt rumah sewa sini. price tu depends jgk, yg jauh dari area town murah sikit. tulah at least adaa :)



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