the massive zara sale.

Me & Sue decided to have our girls outing today.

Let's rephrase that. Actually, we went to settle our visas in the city; and it's been agesss since we last had an outing together, so we decided to spend some time doing girls' thing. Yes, shopping.

But of course, stopping by Doutor is a must. At this stage, I've come to realize that this cafe would be one of the things I'll miss once I'm back in Malaysia end of this month.

Reached Zara, and realized Zara's having a massive sale. To be frank, we turned into zombies afterwards. I saw lots of things I want, while Sue was eyeing cute long-sleeve tops I was busy collecting pieces after pieces because EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP!!

After what seems like forever fighting that noble sense in my head, I settled with two pants and a gold knit cardigan.

Remember this post?

I can safely say, my jeans would be laid to rest (for a while) now.


When it comes to Zara and sale, I guess I've always been lucky - I might not get both pants at their retail price, to be honest. Tops and jeans would be my top picks, so this time I thought I'd give pants a try.

I was not wearing any blusher - that's my natural cheek color. I KNOW, RIGHT. I'm one of those girls who have very blusher-y skin tone - sometimes it's frustrating cause guys keep noticing 'you're blushing' when actually, I'M NOT! My skin gets red everytime the heat in the room is increasing or when I'm laughing too much or when it's cold, it's impossible to wear a blusher cause it'd make me look like a clown with the slightest touch of it.

Got home, got a text from the boyfriend - it's gonna be a long day tomorrow, because I'm nervous like mad. Will blog about it later.

AM. SO. NERVOUS. -__-'


  1. sukala wallpaper tu zatil~ =)

  2. yaa. me too! cool la ur wallpaper kak ;)

  3. bestnyaaaaa :D
    shopping kat tokyo ke?

    eh camne dgn baju hrc tu?
    bole tak kem kat sue je?

  4. @anon & tuan empunya robok : haha thank you! I wish I can keep it -__-

    @kak sha : taklah, dekat hiroshima :D

    boleh je, dah suruh shahrul beli dekat fukuoka. tp skrg his parents dtg, so die tak beli lg. dah beli nnt Ill tell you ok? klu tak smpt boleh jgk kirim dekat sue je, sy balik 26th :)

  5. cantik lah pants tuuuuuu!!!! =p eh atil, wat laaa tutorial cmne nk pkai shawl yg ko pkai tu bole? tibe2 nk try lah..if u dun mind~ tq!!!

  6. haha thanks aliaa :) seriously, bukan taknak buat tapi mmg fail lah bab tutorial video ni hahaha! *blushed* yg ni, try cari hana tajima's style dekat youtube. just that dia guna shawl nipis, mine tebal sikit. hehe. happy experimenting! <3


    Okay if you are sensing some emotion from me right, its called - JEALOUSY !

    I want that leopard print shawl, gimme once you reach Malaysia, thanks .


  8. u look so sweet in the last pic =)

  9. @Uted : I. LOVE. THEM. FULL. STOP. hehe.
    hello, Msia lagi byk ada shawl macam tu ok!! am determined to get more balik nanti. HAHA.

    @anon : aww thank you :)) though you can see how chubby my cheeks are. hehe.



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