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maysaa's snood : epitome of elegance.

Second try of Hana Tajima's style.

This was when we were about to go badminton-ing last couple of weeks, so I opted for this simple floral scarf with a pink JC sweater. We played for like, 30 minutes, and thank God for treadmills at the corner of the badminton court - spent another 30 minutes hanging out on those treadmills chatting away. Hahah.

Anyway, I know I'm so late (some sense just takes time..) but my fingers have been itchy for this...

Maysaa's Chiffon Scarf Snood.

I've seen a lot of pictures of this scarf on various websites, but I have this problem of being completely paranoid about something being put on a beautiful model and on a normal person. Yes, after those countless times of online shopping I've learned that sometimes the models have some sort conspiracies of being totally fabulous wearing almost everything - and when you finally got it at your doorstep, excitedly open the package, try on the item - that beautiful thing doesn't necessarily looks good on you.

Yep, cheaters. Pfft.

But after seeing lots of girls wearing this, I finally have the courage to think 'oh wow, finally something fabulous that's real'. Seriously! Everyone does look good in this.

Yuna (from Yuna's lookbook)

 R. Nadia Sabrina - one of the lookbooks I've always hyped every now and then.

Miss Hana Tajima herself (Hana T.'s lookbook)

And possibly every fashion blogger out there already owns one, but taking their pictures out of their blogs might be a felony in blogosphere so I'm taking these from lookbook. See, I shouldn't have started lookbook-ing..

It's classic, it screams timeless not to mention goes well with everything, it's the epitome of elegance - almost like an LBD to a girl's wardrobe, I dare say. I'm not surprised if this was seen on (Muslimah clothing) runways and fashion shows someday, Hana Tajima does what she does best when it comes to high fashion.

But I'm still nervous about the cheek part, since this snood gives fewer coverage there than how I usually wear. I might have to starve for a few days to slim those big cheeks down a bit before wearing this snood. Or maybe it's not that bad? 

Ugh, the dilemma.


  1. plz get one, n put it here! it sure look good on u..=)

  2. how do u edit ur pictures? if u don't mind la..curious..=D

  3. @anon : aww that's so sweet of still nervous tho :/ thank you! :))

    @sri : I usually depend on Picasa for editing (brightness and effects), and you should check out their Picnik feature! love it :)


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