can this be any more perfect.

So apparently Victoria Beckham is pregnant again, and I'm the last person to know on earth.

(picture from here)
Me : OMG Posh pregnant again!! And there are rumors that it's gonna be a girl this time..can this family be any more perfect?! (giddy like mad as though it was MY news)
Him : Oh yeah..I read that somewhere (obviously brushing off the news like it's nothing in his world. Yeah, football world. Pfft.)
Despite all the negative comments about Posh Beckham and her robotic way of affection, I still have a huge crush on her. (I think we've established this) From the love of heels to her Spice Girl days to the way she conducts herself in public, I honestly have close to nothing to complain. No, not even the infamous pout.

Even though her bag line collection wasn't in my top favorite list, I trust her sense of style, and I believe that she's gonna make a huge debut in the fashion world. She's already an icon, by the way.

And being married to the hugest football star in the world for 11 freaking years is freaking cool.

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