those carefree nights.

Did I mention we had our last Illumination/Dreamination (again!) sometime during new year?

Yeah, we can't have enough of it.
I just got the group pictures from Wani just now, and realized I haven't blogged about it yet. Went to this Illumination with him too before our little trip to Kyoto, but going there with 2 straight guys and 3 'we're-such-models-everyone-take-our-picture-pleaaasee' girls was a bit different.

Definitely not romantic.

Yeah, one of the little quirks of traveling with your other half is, NOBODY CAN TAKE YOUR PICTURES TOGETHER so you ended up with loads of pictures of you alone. Or him alone.

HAHA tired of us yet?

But I gotta say, Japanese people are very friendly when they realize you're a tourist. Just act like you're completely clueless and insert a lot of hand movements, batting eyelashes and show them the camera; they'll surely lend you a hand. Or maybe it was just the annoyed Japanese man trying to get rid of me.

But with an SLR gang, it was an entirely diferrent experience. Same Illumination and place, though.

Oh those grins. Haven't smiled like for a while! Hehe. (note to self : gotta get better hold of that shawl, it was going everywhere that night due to the strong wind. Hence the messy look.)

Anyway..despite the look I had on those pictures, today had been a big agony. I came home shivering from the strong, extremely cold wind - and ta-da - a terrible migraine 2 minutes later. Swallowed Panadol Actifast (which claims to absorb twice as fast to relieve pain - my arse) and nothing works. I guess I have to take that Tiger balm to sleep tonight.

Did I mention how PMS can kill?

And yes I would kill to have those Illumination carefree nights, again.

(some pictures credit to Wani)

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