the reasons why this weekend was awesome.

  • I had Doutor's tuna cheese bread for, like, the millionth time. Delish. Awesome.
 Doutor has the best cafe mocha in the entire world, I swear. Starbucks what?

I didn't know Hiroshima had this store! Actually went inside and spent hourss just trying to justify buying this and that, cause I know when I walked out of that store I'd have bought something and my brain won't agree with my heart.
So..I bought a cute planner for 2011.

Trust me, this is way better than buying another Hello Kitty pillows or mirror case..I can't buy another HK pillow, he'd throw a fit. Seriously. Though I might risk having my colleagues at work looking down on me for using a Hello Kitty planner, I know.

  • Watched The Green Hornet! It was awesome, though I'm not in love with Jay Chou's acting, it'd be a whole lot better if it was another Asian actor. At least that's what I think.

  • Had Golden Spoon ice cream for the first time. It's supposed to be 'low in calories and fat, high in calcium, high in protein, and it aids digestion' so I was looking forward to it (yes, I'm all about being healthy) and it wasn't so bad! I had vanilla and chocolate with waffles and cookies, but the ice cream doesn't taste like yogurt though. More like soft cream. And I can't justify spending 500 yen on a..soft cream. Still can't beat Cold Stone.
  • I think I have a thing for lights (or at least tree lights/illumination) cause I got excited when I saw these in a shopping mall.
    • But above all, because of this.

      This weekend was probably the breeziest I've ever had; we were constantly moving and spending every single minute going places we've been a hundred times and places we've never been before. Looking back, we were always like that - constantly moving.

      And I'm loving every single minute of it.
      Just got home, tired and sleepy and happy.

      Anyway, my dear friend Sarah Munir featured me in her Fashion Blog post; which is so sweet of her cause I'm nowhere near fashion blogger like the other bloggers in the list. Thank you Uted!! (Btw, do you realize you, me and Vivy were dormmates at one point?? How many years has it been already? Haha)

      Go check out her blog, she's a fashion blogger and an ex-schoolmate of mine. And yes, we have our own pet names - her Uted and me, Oren (one is slightly not-so-famous than the other, she's probably the only one who called me Oren. NOT because my face resembled an orange, mind you.)

      I need a new pet name, pfft.


      1. OMG, I'm in heaven. That Sanrio store is BEAUTIFUL! And that planner is so cute! Too cute, that I wouldn't use it.

        I've always wanted to watch The Green Hornet. I love Seth Rogan and Rain. Oh wait, is Jay Chou called Rain? I always forget Rain's real name.

        I'm always curious, was the Green Hornet in English with Japanese Subtitles or Japanese in English Subtitle? I went to one movie in Okinawa a really long time ago and I forgot how it was.

      2. OH-EM-GEEE I'm freaking jealous of how you were spending your weekend, okay I hate you, period .

        Eh really eh you guys are dormmates ? Are we dormmates too ? Yeke ? Tipulah ! HAHA .

        Geez, I need another pet name too, seriously . More demure-ish name . Hehe we named you Oren because of YOUR FACE LAH ! ! !


        PS : You are so worth it to be called one of my favourite fashion blogger :)

      3. @jenkakio : I'm still wondering if I should use the planner or not, it's too cute! haha.

        Jay Chou's a Taiwanese, Rain is the Korean actor :) though I'm not sure what's his real name. Am a big fan of him!

        Japan actually has foreign films in both version - English in Japanese subtitles, and one in Japanese (dubbed version). oh you've been to Okinawa? how was it? I've always wanted to go there, my friends said it's like a whole other country of Japan :)

      4. @uted : I'm more jealous of you cause you're in Msia! sighh.

        HAHA cets, we were!! I wish I still have the pictures. pfft.

        Nak give you pet name Lady RaRah boleh? serious kena. haha :) *innocent face*

        no I refused to believe that, thank you. other pet name please.

        p/s : thank you so much Uted!! you made my dayy :))

      5. the icecreama and the bread looks sooo yumsss yumssss! :p slurppp



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