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posh with her new bag collection.

Been nagging my boyfriend's ears off this thing so..what the heck.

Victoria Beckham's new bag range, the ones sold at and sold out within ONE HOUR.
Seriously, she doesn't need any new income, she already owns 100 Birkin bags ok..

The collection is called 24 hours in the life of Victoria. Looking over the whole collection doesn't actually make me hyperventilating with needs to browse NAP as soon as possible, which is a good sign to my new year resolution.

Personally, the bags look a little dull for a 23 year old me. I thought she'd make a whole lot of more affordable Birkin lookalikes, but they're not!

These are the ones sold at NAP. As soon as I saw the tweet on her Twitter I went to the website, but both had already sold out.
What I did the night before my mid-term presentation.

I was looking forward to her line of bags cause she's probably the most stylish bag-toter on earth (100 Birkins, baby) and also because she recruited Katie Hillier to help her design the collection (who had been the designer for Luella and Marc Jacobs, my two absolute favorite thing in this world) but I foresee myself wearing the collection maybe 5-10 years from now. Definitely not now.

This one is called 'Victoria'. Probably my most favorite of all. Saw a Zara bag yesterday that looks like this one but maybe on a funkier side.

The whole collection actually screams Victoria and like she said, "What’s alluring for me this season are the curves of a women’s figure–sensual volume and a defined silhouette that allows for a freedom of movement," she really pays attention to detail. No-fuss, polished design.

But I don't know if a Beckham can replace your Birkin.


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