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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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bittersweet dinner.

The day he went back to Fukuoka, we decided to go and have dinner at this restaurant we've been going since we were sophomores, Amare. We used to love the place so much cause it has the best garlic toast in town, seriously. After 4 years hopping on and off every Italian restaurant in Japan (our dates are usually consisted of food and malls and food and malls), we can safely say Amare is still the best.

Not in terms of service, though. The waitress are fine, but some are irritatingly ignorant.

Somehow this outing turned out to be a bit bittersweet for us, cause we kept reminiscing things we used to do during these last four years in Japan, and now that 2011 is here we realized how little time we have to spend with each other before I'm going back to Malaysia this March. We used to spend holidays together; going to places, experiencing new things, going shopping, trying out new restaurants in town, etc. So it'd be kinda weird being so far apart. Especially for him, I don't know how he can be so calm thinking he would be here alone in Japan.

Thinking about it, this would be our last holiday together. *cries* I kept saying "don't think about it yet, we still have 3 months left" but I know I'm just fooling myself cause I'm crying inside. Soon we'll be busy completing our FYP thesis and March would be here in no time; I don't even know how I'm gonna handle it.

Inhale. Exhale. 3 months. 12 weeks. Inhale. Exhale.

No wonder he was so sweet during the whole trip..hehe.

The famous garlic bread.
What I had, salmon with spinach spagetti
 What he had, forgot the name already -__-
Tiramisu, I swear I've had this a hundred times already, so yummyy
Cheese marble cake *drools* I can take cheese and chocolate combo anytime.

Left the place contented and happy and sad at the same time. I might never go there alone ever again.



    *tears blood

  2. hahahah I know rightt?? hate seeing those pictures. *drools*

  3. makan lah banyak banyak then fat ! *word from a jealous hungry friend*

  4. I AM!! hahahaha like seriously..this garlic bread is 5 mins away from my house, how can I live like thiss..

  5. atil,muka ko kat sini mcm muka reza lah..huhu


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