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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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new shawls.

So yesterday was historic.

I'm done with my mid term presentation. FINALLY.

It felt like a huge burden was lifted off my chest. At last.

So this officially means I have three months left till graduation. And the final presentation before that.


We had gotong-royong today, cleaning up the laboratory and research room. I dreaded going at first cause 1) I finished my presentation yesterday, hello, I deserve to sleep till noon 2) seeing my lecturer after my presentation yesterday gives me goosebumps. I was so scared that he might comment about how my presentation went, so I was lucky that I managed to avoid him the entire day.

Then we had end of the year party (忘年会) at this restaurant I can't remember the name, not so far from Saijo station. Went there by a shuttle bus.

The party wasn't much different from the previous ones we had. A lot of sashimi, sushi, the famous miso soup, sake, kanpai. You know, the Japanese customs.

Got home extremely tired but happy. Did I mention I have the best labmates in the world?

Anyway, I just got my shawls (as we Malaysians call it) from this particular website a few days ago. The company is based in Malaysia, and I was looking for an online shawl boutique that sells various types of hijabs with good shipping (I'm hardly a patient customer) so after reading the good testimonials they put on their website, I decided to try my luck.

The shipping preferences are so many, so it's a plus point for them. I chose this particular shipping method that takes around 2 weeks (as stated) and my package arrived exactly after 2 weeks!

The pictures don't do them much justice - the shawls are very pretty!

It's so hard to find online stores that sell my favorite kind of hijabs, what more the ones that actually ships worldwide. I guess it's one of the perks of being so far away from Malaysia - we can find shawls everywhere there.

When I graduated and go back to Malaysia, my bank account will resent me like no other. 

As you can see, I'm all into pashmina shawls now. The ones in the first picture are SO NICE, seriously - but they're a bit big for me, I might have to send them to get tailored.

Got them from Go check it out :)


  1. atil chanteknye hijab tu.beli online ke? pos brape lame smpai?

  2. haah, :) dalam 2 minggu jgk lah baru sampai. ade shipping option yg lagi cepat tapi mahal sikit.


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