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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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falling apart.

After all this time, I can't believe it's finally happening.
I can't believe that despite all the hardships we've been through, you decided to turn your back on me. I can't believe you took the easy way out when you know for certain how I feel about you. About us.

I really thought things are going well.
People in relationships do occasionally fight sometimes, but I thought it was normal. I thought I can control all the fights and misunderstanding and disagreements.

But you gave up. And you didn't even give me a chance. When I tried so hard to make things work, you turned your back on me.

I really thought we could last. Everyone was counting on this, I've even gotten used to having you in my head everywhere, you were always in my mind. Never a day gone by that I forgot about you ever since we started.

How can you do this to me.

Today, I can speak for certain that my FYP and I don't belong together.

Presentation didn't go very well, my FYP decided to turn its back on me and I'm still having a terrible headache till now, and it's freezing cold. Migraines and cold are not a perfect match.

Reached home soaking wet, stomach grumbling and head throbbing. If you've had that occasional migraines you know you need a rest. 

I ordered an iPhone case from this online store (cause I'm really really lazy busy to even go out to the nearby Deodeo and buy one) so buying it from the internet seems like a really blast idea.

Not until the Sagawa carrier decided to screw up my already sucky day and sent it to the wrong address, the same room number but the apartment across the road. Thank goodness for the very very kind guy who called me up and told me he got my parcel and dropped by to send it to me at my doorstep! When it's raining outside. Sigh.

Sometimes people can surprise you in all the amazing ways you can't imagine. Sometimes it's God's way of making a gloomy day a lil bit brighter :) 

Thank you, The Apartment Across The Road With The Same Room Number Guy. You made my day.


  1. auwww~

    cmne hokokukai?hehe

  2. jap. ko ckp psl ape weyh mula2 tu?kininaruuu~

  3. haha i was talking about my FYP la! hehe :)

    hokokukai tak best. makin dekat dgn chukan happyou ni sensei makin strict :( byk bnde kne buat. grrr.

  4. OMG. thank god! ko tau x aku pk apeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????????????

    dush2. sorry lah tersalah paham wahahaha

    biasa la tu dah akhir2 ni kan. mcm2 sensei suh buat



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