the umbrella seat.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Just thought I'd share with you, the coolest bus in the universe.

I'm not joking, the bus seats have an 'umbrella' which you can push up or down depending on your needs, whether to cover your face or not when you're sleeping. I mean, genius!! I've always hated falling asleep with a stranger beside me seeing horror things he'd only see in nightmares..hehe.

Of course I don't look that horrible when I sleep. Just kidding. But we'd all like some privacy while sleeping, hence one of the many quirks of travelling by public transportation. Especially buses.

Japan is so freaking smart for inventing this.
I want to send this photo to MAS and make a suggestion for them to do the same thing. Can? Hehe.


  1. cannot!!!! nanti tiket makin mahal hahahaha

    cmno i nk lawat u kat jepun tahun-tahun-tahun-tahun depan hahaha

  2. hahahahah! ok2 wont. :D tapi air asia ade so takpe. hahaha.

  3. seyesly..the coolest thing ever!!!klo travel johor-penang kan bgus!!

    p/s: u noe me...hehehe~

  4. hahaa xkan nak naik bas johor-penang, kelisa kan adaa ;)

    taula!! :P


    Japan is always one step ahead in anything, okay hate it but love it !

  6. hahah you MUST come here at least once, you'd go crazy at harajuku streets im sure :D come la!! air asia starts this dec ;)


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