roti sedap fukuoka.

My friend tweeted about this umai (delicious) toast she had in Tenjin, Fukuoka.

I was instantly reminded of this super delicious croissant I always have when I go to Hakata, Fukuoka. It's so hard to ignore the temptation when you can smell the croissants from MILES away. I think you can smell it even before you got off the train!

Il Forno del Mignon. Mr Boyfriend and Co. call it roti sedap Hakata.

OMG, the most delicious thing on the planet.

Pictures from here.

It comes in 3 flavours; plain, chocolate and satsumaimo (sweet potato). Of course, I'd always have chocolate. (above picture) Despite not being the hugest fan of croissant, I can take this anytime :)

I wish we have it here in Hiroshima. Pfft. Fukuoka always got the nicest things..

I don't think this shop is big in Japan, but it's definitely going places.

The shop. (Pictures from here.)

Next time you're in Hakata, try look for it. It's easy to spot the shop; the one with the longest queue. Or just follow that delicious smell :)

(Post info courtesy of its biggest fan)


  1. seriusly,kedai yg aku jmpe dkt tenjin ni lg sedap.forno ni ada dkt kokura,hakata,fukuoka airport n lama2 dah time pegi dating,sila pegi kedai roti dkt tenjin tu.mecha umaiii

  2. omg u remind me of that roti sedap!!fortunately my Tay sempat bagi try ;) dat.was.The.Best.roti ive ever had! sangat2 sedap esp mase panas..d filling melting *drooooools* deal i post ur fav, kinder bueno n u post me that roti ok!?ahahhahahahh :D
    *miss roti sedap, miss u more!*

  3. @izzat laila : fukuoka byk kot roti sedap ni! ciss. haha. ok nnt ktorg pegi tenjin pulak ;)

    @nurul_a : ooh sempat try?? nice kan! the filling inside..sighh..cant get over it :((
    haha can can! tapi kena beku lah roti tu, my kinder bueno xpe :D



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